Topic: Punbb command line tool

I would love to have a perl/C/whatever script to be able to manage my board more easily. It would be really handful to start heavy scripts (prune, indexation, etc) with cron in the night. It does not require to have a browser window opened during the complete process... which is not possible for example for indexation on big boards (>several 100k messages) - any internet connection loss during the several 10 hours of indexing would cause indexing to crash. It would not have PHP limitations in time and memory.  It could be easily nice-d.
Scripting may be interesting, like "delete all the messages from the IP adresses listed in the file foo.txt". It would allow to post automatic messages without having to write complex scripts using POST (which may be even worse if you need to be logged in to post).

Certainly a lot more.

It would be great.

Re: Punbb command line tool

Command line indexing is being discussed, as for the other stuff maybe someone would like to take it on as a nice little project?