Topic: Staying logged in issue

Hi there,

A friend setup a punbb board on a subdomain, registered a new domain and wanted to move the installation.

The sql server is exactly the same and the hosting is on the same account.

I moved the punbb folder to the new folder, changed the admin options to the correct domain. I can open all the pages fine but when you login, close the browser, and then go the page again it losses your login information.

Any ideas what I can check to see whats causing the problem?


Cookie information:

$cookie_name = 'mypunbb_cookie';
$cookie_domain = '';
$cookie_path = '/';
$cookie_secure = 0;
$cookie_seed = '058f503f';

Thanks in advance

Re: Staying logged in issue

Try leaving the $cookie_domain empty.

Re: Staying logged in issue

Hi there,

Have already tried that and still the same issue.