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Features :

- Fast and effiiciant forum system
- Over a hundred different styles to chose from
- No advertisments what-so-ever!
- No age limitations on new forum creations
- No limits on cateogories, forums, etc

You all know what punBB is, so I don't need to explain that part. smile
Forums are hosted on my server which I have been running for almost 4 years now. You won't have to worry about forums suddenly dissapearing!

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How can I make the service more attracting? Have feedback? Please post. smile

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What's the point? What's wrong with Smarty's hosting?

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is it me or does the form not work in FF? no error message, jsut takes me back?

to me personaly it seems a bit iffy:

you have joined the forum today, never known you before, and you have made a install script.

now im no expert, but im sure when creating a script you will need to ask a few questions on the punbb forum? would you? but the form dosnt work, our password isnt protected, so to me i guess it is going to your email adress, the page donst take me anywhere, you havnt done much work on the punbb forum, you have done it in under 1 day?

to me personaly seems weird.

Sorry. Unactive due to personal life.

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matt: I think all it is is an improperly set up copy of the multi PunBB host script that already exists. You can find it on PunRes.
cyberdevil: as matt said, your form doesn't actually seem to do anything


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email fishing maybe ...