Re: phpBB 3 to punbb convertor ?

Big up to you Smartys for theses various modifications ;-) for convert this f**king phpBB 3 into Pun 1.2.21

I'm trying to do it for a friend but I have this error

File: /.../converters/PhpBB/users.php
Line: 4

Converter reported: Unable to get table: users
Database reported: Unknown column 'user_id' in 'where clause' (Errno: 1054)

Somebody could help me to understand ;-) why it is do not work ?

Many thanks in advance, from France !

NB: This line 4 from /converters/PhpBB/users.php is

    $res = $fdb->query('SELECT * FROM '.$_SESSION['php'].'users WHERE user_id>'.$start.' ORDER BY user_id LIMIT '.ceil($_SESSION['limit']/5)) or myerror('Unable to get table: users', __FILE__, __LINE__, $fdb->error());

PS: PHP 4  & MySQL 5.0.44 (Table prefix:phpbb_)

I do not kwon which version from phpBB was used, it was installed since more 1 year, may be 2 years

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Re: phpBB 3 to punbb convertor ?

Ok ;-) Now that work! My users table was incomplete

Please, could you tell me how to fix BB Codes / links / images inserted... various problems ?

Many thanks in advance for your help

PS: I can supply to you other informations if required but I do not know ;-)) what...

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Re: phpBB 3 to punbb convertor ?

I added this "correction" into functions.php from the converter
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/post/104339/#p104339 reply 41
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/post/113098/#p113098 reply 48
but nothing change !

Please, could you tell me if I must add this (from your reply 41 or 48) or not ? I do not sure to understand... correctly

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Re: phpBB 3 to punbb convertor ?

I installed Attachments & Private Messaging System Mod. ;-) before convertion
but nothing is converted :-( is it possible to do that! or not ?

Thanks, see you soon

PS: Related Pages at PunResources

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Re: phpBB 3 to punbb convertor ?

Smartys, is it possible to have all the steps please ? I'm working on a website witch need to plug a forum on wordpress. I'd like to use punBB and I found the way on how to do that. The thing is, the actual forum is phpbb3 and I don't even know where to start. May you give us your genious ? wink

Hope to see you soon.

Re: phpBB 3 to punbb convertor ?

nice modifications. i recently applied them. works great