Topic: How to hide the "Views" column?

Is it possible to hide the "Views" column? 

The reason why I am asking is:  At the moment I opened my PunBB forum to the public, one thread was somewhat longer than the others and had therefore the highest view count.  Consequently, most newcomers apparently tended to start with (and many probably ended with, too) this particular topic, which in reality isn't necessarily more interesting to them than the remaining ones.  Such a positive feedback triggered a sort of avalanche, and currently this one has the view count a hundred times higher than those that could IMHO be more useful for the reader (who is, by this enormous score, inevitably attracted to the former, though).

Re: How to hide the "Views" column?

Make a Backup of viewforum.php , then edit it and delete following lines:

<th class="tc3" scope="col"><?php echo $lang_forum['Views'] ?></th>


<td class="tc3"><?php echo ($cur_topic['moved_to'] == null) ? $cur_topic['num_views'] : ' ' ?></td>
YY Order!!!

Re: How to hide the "Views" column?


Re: How to hide the "Views" column?

At the reccomendation of a master of everything PunBB views were not only removed from visibility but also from being tracked on my forum which is getting 3.75 million pageviews a month.  Really helped with keeping mem & cpu usage down.

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hi proweb

can you please share the further steps to take in order to remove views 'from being tracked'. Cheers.