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Topic: Problem with switching check boxes

I am using The Reputation mod and in my profile I have the following:

                            <label><?php echo $lang_reputation['Description Manage reputation'] ?><br />
                            <input type="radio" name="reputation_enable" value="1"<?php if ($pun_user['reputation_enable'] == '1') echo ' checked="checked"' ?> /> <strong>Yes</strong>   
                            <input type="radio" name="reputation_enable" value="0"<?php if ($pun_user['reputation_enable'] == '0') echo ' checked="checked"' ?> /> <strong>No</strong></label>

the problem is, I can't switch between the 2 of them. It defaults as "Yes" and won't let me click on "No". Can anyone tell me how I can  fix this?


Re: Problem with switching check boxes

Problem solved.

Re: Problem with switching check boxes

Just put them in to a single frame and as you use the radio button you dont have o set the value only one at at a time will be get selected, you can take the users input through the Java script function.

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Re: Problem with switching check boxes

i think the problem in the where you set the default value=0 or value =1, when you are going to click on no , but the default value=1 of the option1 , so i think this is the problem , so don;t set the default value.