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Topic: Browser testing

Please post results off browser tests here giving the browser used, version and operating system. Screenshots are always useful.

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Righty. I tested it in Lynx to be fancy, and it looks great.

Apart from one thing which might just as well be a bug in Lynx itself.
When going to the profile, the 'Avatar' and 'Administration' tab show up as 'AvatarmeAvatar' and 'Administrationstration' respectively.

I also tested in Konqueror, where this bug with tabs occurs:

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By the way (forgot to mention) that's Konqueror 3.5.4 on CentOS-5 (RHEL5).

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I'm guessing you don't need screenshots from Opera, FF, IE, since they are the basics?

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Only when they don't work I guess tongue
I tested Opera and FF on Linux too, and they work fine.


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Actually the tabs don't work on Opera 9 Win. That Konq bug is annoying because I had exactly the same thing on IE and cured it.

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Odd, the tabs work fine for me on Opera 9 Win:

Version information
Windows XP
Sun Java Runtime Environment version 1.6
Plug-in not loaded
Browser identification

Opera/9.24 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en)

Well, *I* don't see anything wrong with them anyway smile


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Go to the admin console. While still on the start tab hover over the categories or forums submenu items.

EDIT: Just upgraded to Opera 9.25 and the problem vanished. One less thing to do.