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Topic: Free PunBB 1.3 Hosting (PunHosting.com)

Ok I have released PunHosting along side the BETA release of 1.3.

This will make PunHosting much more reliable and also give me the chance to pick up any bugs before the release of the final 1.3 release for both PunBB and PunHosting.

What you get:
* PunBB 1.3 (BETA+latest rev)
* Unlimited capacity
* Free (Google Ad Driven)
* Chance to check out latest PunBB 1.3 BETA/SVN without any hassle of installing

Create A Forum - http://punhosting.com/
Support Site - http://punhosting.com/help/

I think thats it...

Re: Free PunBB 1.3 Hosting (PunHosting.com)

Nice, hope everything works out tongue


Re: Free PunBB 1.3 Hosting (PunHosting.com)

Changed hosting supplier 'again' in the last few days. tongue

Everything should be ok now though.