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Topic: it wont work

v1.2.16 wont update on my comp it says         

*  Fixed XSS vulnerability and potential HTTP response splitting
   vulnerability in redirect() method. Thanks Meik Sievertsen and
*  Fixed CSRF vulnerability in profile. Thanks Dante90.
*  Modified topic/post counts for forums to include redirect topics.

Re: it wont work

1) This is a forum for 1.3 Beta, not 1.2.16.
2) What error do you get / What problems are you having?
3) Can we have a link to your forum?

Re: it wont work

ok here it is http://www.punbb-hosting.com/forums/Tpp … /index.php

Re: it wont work

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And closed: you're using PunBB-Hosting, which hosts the forums for you, which means you don't control any upgrades, etc. Lucky for you, PunBB-Hosting has been running 1.2.16 for months now tongue