Topic: Form error handling

example for the admin side:
adding new category:
putting in a position of 'w' doesn't produce an error - shouldn't it at least be mentioned? (I assume it is checking things correctly as it then came back with a position of 0.

Also could this 'info' page also feature a link back to the page from whence you came?

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Re: Form error handling

I think we intval() the position, effectively forcing it into an integer value. w would result in 0.

Regarding the info page, isn't that what the browser back button is for? I've been taught to never try to replicate behaviors that are available in the browser.

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Re: Form error handling

:grin: me too! But one the reasons I mentioned it was because I was checking accessibility at the time, but for some reason decided to post it here instead.

I think it may be confusing to some people that there is nothing except, for example:
You must enter a name for the category
(oh and no full stop btw)

Descriptive, may be,  but for accessibility a tiny wee bit extra might help. So think about adding 'error' to the title of the page, adding an in document link to go straight to that message, or extra text like 'use your browser back button and try again'

mind you the 'forum message' could perhaps be changed to 'forum error message'?

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