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sorry for repost,

yesterday i had a problem with my board when I changed the style (the forum was not working until it was fixed by smartys.

Then ealier today I changed a few settings and the same problem occurs, I cant even login into forum. Any ideas?

the url is

thanks alot again

(did search and cant find the solution...)


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It's the same issue. As I said, YOU need to change it in the database.

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eek, hmm...

is there any thread on this that you know of? I have no technical knowledge and need some guidance in order to do that

thanks for replying

EDIT : Im logging in in myphpadmin and not sure what to do..

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The phpMyAdmin in the link you sent me started working, so I'll do it.

Edit: Done

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Thanks alots smarty

(now I'd really reccommend anyone using PunBB and this forum big_smile)

btw, whats the problem and what did u do?


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As I have told you now at least 3 times, the issue was the same one that's here tongue