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About Us:
ofallthedays allows users to freely share their days with others around the world in a dynamic and friendly environment. The goal of this project is to foster a connection between communities around the world with different cultures and beliefs. We believe that exposure to such differences will transform the world that we live in.

I'd love to get some feedback. Thanks.


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Your template is lovely.  The way the logo picks up the layout colours looks very polished.


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Ree wrote:

Your template is lovely.  The way the logo picks up the layout colours looks very polished.

Thanks! big_smile

Does anyone else have any comments?

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Ya make borders around viewtopic and other areas were it's all white


good css u can use it

form { display: inline }
img { vertical-align: middle; border: 0 }
TABLE, TR, TD, BODY, SELECT, INPUT, BUTTON, TEXTAREA { font: 11px Tahoma; color: #000 }
BODY { background: #FFF; margin:10px }
a { text-decoration: underline; color: #000 }
a:hover { color: #465584; text-decoration: underline }

.lM, .lB { position:absolute; left:24px; top:12px; color:#FFF }
.lB { left:25px; top:13px; color: #3065ab; font: 20px tahoma }
.lD a, .lD a:hover { text-decoration: none; color:#FFF; font: 20px tahoma }
.lS { font: 10px tahoma; border-top: 1px solid #FFF; }
.lB .lS { border-top: 1px solid #3065ab }

.head { height:44px; border:1px solid #3065ab; background:#8fbeff; padding:0; margin:0 }
.fL { float:left }
.fR,.barR,.lL { float:right }
.lL { margin:6px 5px; }
.lL img { position:absolute; margin-top:2px; }
.lL a { margin-left:15px }

.bar, .news, fieldset, legend, .pager { border:1px solid #8fbeff; background:#e4ebff; }
.news {margin-top:5px}
.bar { padding:5px; margin-bottom:10px; }
.bar a {padding:0 4px;text-decoration:none;}
.bar a:hover { text-decoration:underline; }

.barL a { border-right: 1px dotted #8fbeff; }
.barR a { border-left: 1px dotted #8fbeff; }

.news {text-align:center;padding:5px;}

fieldset {margin: 7px 0; padding:0px}
legend {border-bottom:0; font-weight:bold; color:#4372b3; padding:0 10px; margin-left:10px}

* html legend{ position:absolute; top: -.5em; left: .5em; margin-left:0}
* html fieldset{ position: relative; margin-top:1em; padding-top:.75em; margin-bottom:14px }

.desc, a.desc, .sig, .edit { font-size:10px; color:#03387e }
.edit {font-style:italic}

legend a { text-decoration: none; color: #03387e }
legend a:hover, a:hover.desc { color: #3065ab; text-decoration: underline }

fieldset.in { margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto; }

.ftb, .ftbt { border-spacing:0;width:100%;border-collapse:collapse }
.ftb TD, .ftbt TD { border-top:1px dashed #a1d0ff;background: #eaeeff;padding:2px 3px; }
.ftb TD {border-right:1px dashed #a1d0ff;}
TD.lc {border-right:0}
.bc1, .bc1 TD, TD.bc1 { background: #e4ebff; }
.foot { padding:5px }
.bts, .bts TD, .foot {border-top:1px solid #8fbeff}

fieldset, legend, .ftb TH, .ftbt TH, .foot { background:#d4e0ff; }

.pager { display:inline; padding:2px 4px; }
.pager b, .pager a { margin-left:1px; padding:0 2px; background: #fff }

.crt {text-align:center;font-size:9px}

.mpl{ background: #fff; padding: 1px 3px; border: 1px solid #a1d0ff; }
.mpl{ font: 10px tahoma; margin-right: 1px; }
.mpll{ background: #e4ebff; }
.mpl a { text-decoration: none; }

.links a { padding:0 5px; border-left: 1px dotted #8fbeff}

.quote1, .quote2, .code2 { margin-left: 8px; padding: 1px 4px; border-left: 3px solid #6493D4; border-right: 1px solid #A8C3E6; }
.quote1 { font: bold 10px tahoma; margin-top: 1px; background: #E4EAF2; border-top: 1px solid #6493D4; }
.quote2, .code2 { font: 11px tahoma; margin-bottom: 1px; border-bottom: 1px solid #A8C3E6; }
.code2 {font-family: Courier New, Courier;}

.sig { border-top: 1px solid #e4ebff; padding-top: 2px; margin-top: 4px }

.editor a { float: left; text-decoration: underline; width: 21px; height: 21px; text-align:center; border: 1px solid #eaeeff; display: block; margin: 1px }
.editor a:hover {border:1px solid #8fbeff; background: #d4e0ff}

.hs { margin-left:6px; }

.ce { text-align:center }
.c { clear:both }

.st { color: #2459bf; }
.re { color: #000; }
.se { color: #707070; }
.gr { color: #4db01a; }
.ta { color: #FF4444; }

.ab input, .ab a, a.ab { white-space:nowrap; cursor:hand; text-decoration:none; text-align:center; font-weight:bold; color:#FFF; background:#8fbeff; margin:1px; border:1px outset; }
.ab a, a.ab {width:1px; padding:1px 10px;}
.ab a:hover, a:hover.ab { color:#d4e0ff }
.bR, a.bR, input.bR { background: #FF8080 }

.ib img { border:1px solid #8fbeff }

.e1{border-top:5px solid #9fceff;border-right:7px solid #7faeef;border-bottom:5px solid #8fbeff;border-left:7px solid #7faeef}
.e2{border-top:5px solid #bfeeff;border-right:7px solid #9fceff;border-bottom:5px solid #afdeff;border-left:7px solid #9fceff}
.e3{border-top:5px solid #ffae7f;border-right:7px solid #ff8e5f;border-bottom:5px solid #ff9e6f;border-left:7px solid #ff8e5f}
.e4{border-top:5px solid #ffdeaf;border-right:7px solid #ffbe8f;border-bottom:5px solid #ffce9f;border-left:7px solid #ffbe8f}
.e5{border-top:5px solid #dfdfdf;border-right:7px solid #cfcfcf;border-bottom:5px solid #d8d8d8;border-left:7px solid #cfcfcf}
.cl,.cl a,.cl td,.cl td a,.cl .desc{color:#707070}

use <fieldset><legend> tag's around stuff it makes it look good

i do it at my site, 24-7GT.com

other then that i like.


Re: ofallthedays.com - Share your day!

Thanks for the tip.