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I've installed this mod and it's clever and simple. However, it's a bit rough around the edges. For instance when you fail the captcha the page is redirected and the user loses what they have typed when they go back. I'm wondering if there is a version out there that has been cleaned up so essentially all the functions that are called on the 'submit' or 'register' buttons on the unmodified version are called with the captcha. Ideally the captcha gif would just be a clean substitute for the buttons. Or is this the final version that's out there?


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Yeah, well, that captcha 1.0.5 was a bit rough around the edges so I dropped that and modified figlet slightly so that it is only enabled for guest posts and registering.

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Could you tell me how can I use Captcha Box on my own site (not PunBB)?

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You can ask this question to the author of the Captcha Box. Here is the link to topic, where the extension was released.