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Topic: Reduce waiting time

Hello everybody,

First, excuse my poor English because i'm French. Beside, I'm new here and I hope to post my question in the right place...

I'm experiencing the last punBB version with CSD Nantes and I and my friends would like to reduce the time to wait between posting 2 posts. (Because of we flood a lot!)

I didn't find the option and i guess it is possible to change the code to do it.

Is there any Idea to help us?


Re: Reduce waiting time

You can edit it in admin groups

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Re: Reduce waiting time

In Administration>Groups there is just 3 things : Add group, Set Default Group and Edit/Delete Groups. sad

Are you sure?

Re: Reduce waiting time

Yes, click edit group for your group. You get group options to change, including the flood timeout.


Re: Reduce waiting time

Damned, I clicked on the Administrator's group, so there was not this option... big_smile

Thank you very much!