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I'm having some problems with the width of the post box.. there very small, its not the style as i've tried different styles, the only file i customized was the main.tpl but i cant seem to find any problems in there sad
its the same in quick reply and in post reply

Here's how it looks:



hope someone knows the answer

thanks in advance


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Re: Post box width :S

its your  http://tweakdesktop.com/style.css

label (line 229)


float: left;

width: 140px;

text-align: left;

padding-top: 5px;


the width

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Re: Post box width :S

The way you have intergrated is creating (badly) invalid html, but what is causing the problem is this style sheet, for your main site is also affecting the forums, which is what is causing the box to be resized.

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Re: Post box width :S

ok thanks i'll try to fix it! thanks for your help!


Re: Post box width :S

thanks it fixed it!!! thanks alot