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Tut Tut, not linked up properly

for example we have; … amp;fid=48
resulting in a
Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated.

Just a heads up =]

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Hi! There is no action "new" in extern.php.
Here is a list of available actions now:

  • feed - show most recent topics/posts (HTML or RSS)

  • online - The number of guests and users, who are online (HTML)

  • online_full - A list of names of users, who are online (HTML)

  • stats - show board statistics (HTML).

Please note that type should be lowercased now. We will possibly add lowercase() for GET-parameters in extern.php.
Available types of output now:

  • rss - output as RSS 2.0

  • atom - output as Atom 1.0

  • xml - output as XML

  • html - output as HTML (<li>'s)

Here is the short description of others parameters, which you can use:

  • fid - one or more forum ID's (comma-separated). Ids of forums, which will display.

  • nfid - One or more forum ID's (comma-separated) that are to be excluded.

  • tid - a topic ID from which to show posts. If a tid is supplied, fid and nfid are ignored.

  • show - any integer value between 1 and 50. Mean count of elements, which will display on the page. Ignored for RSS/Atom output. The default is 15.

Re: PunBB Homepage RSS

I was jsut saying to the PunBB Team that there Homepage Feeds dont link up properly!
if you use firefox -> to the right theres a orange button, press that, it does not work, because it dousnt exist.

Re: PunBB Homepage RSS

Thanks! We've fixed it.

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