Topic: Disappointed Developper


A message from a developer to PunBB developers. Nothing personal, it's just my programming point of view okay ? wink

The first time I saw PunBB (a long time ago) it looked very promising (and it still does I think).

I needed to hack PunBB (I'm still hacking it) and I have been very disappointed to what I've seen.

The code is a real mess. Functions and variables everywhere in file and among files. There is no inner logic visible at the first look. No OOP visible.

Although I tend to use OOP for every medium-sized projects, I have nothing against procedural programming as long as it stays procedural... PunBB code makes me think of the "GOTO" programming ages... Absolute nightmare.

PHP5 has a better OOP support making it worth the try. There is also the ZendFramework that has cool code that you can (re)use.

I do think (but that is my own personal opinion of mine of course) that OOP can make PunBB more developer-friendly and "web2.0"-ready. (if you know what I mean).

My 2 cents... Thanks for reading smile

Current hack : integrating CMS and PunBB logging system. PunBB database tables synchronisation. Profiles options locking.

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Re: Disappointed Developper

Historically OOP wasn't used for speed reasons (that was made the corner-stone). And though an OOP-code would be more structured, nevertheless we try to keep the code easy to read and understand.