Re: PunBB 1.3 final release

Three hotfixes has been released:
- hotfix_13_moderate_xss – XSS vulnerability via topic subjects in moderate.php is fixed. Patch by PHPLizardo.
- hotfix_13_moderate_topics – Fixed bug with incorrect multiple topic moderation.
- hotfix_13_incorrect_topic_status_in_search_results – Incorrect topic status displayed in search results is fixed. Reported by teva.

See also hotfixes at PunBB wiki.

Due to [909] (hotfix_13_moderate_xss) is pretty critical, the PunBB 1.3.1 will be released soon (so that new installations do not have this bug). Though current PunBB 1.3 installations may (should) just easily install the hotfix.

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Re: PunBB 1.3 final release

define('FORUM_TURN_OFF_MAINT', 'true');

and any way where in this line, in what file? in what folder?
Change the solution from here it's not working any more!

Re: PunBB 1.3 final release


Great news and thanks for finishing it in 2008! <-- my email after a captcha