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Garciat wrote:

I couldn't reproduce the error. I added 3 smilies, deleted the first one that I added and everything worked OK.

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It has happened on 2 forums i know of now.
I removed the smilie as stated in the extension (remove the code and click save)

defo bug.

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Just installed this, works brilliantly, thanks Garciat
Is there support for any smilies bigger than 15 x 15? Currently they get resized to 15 x 15 and look funny. Do I simply have to source new smilies at 15 x 15 or is there a way to display bigger ones?



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It's supposed to work with all smiley sizes. Make sure you have the latest PunBB from SVN.

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where from?
I've got this far:

How do I upgrade? the usual way?


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I'm trying to get this running on 1.3.4 but it's not having any of it - installs fine, but when I go to Admin -> Settings -> Smilies I just get a blank page. Any ideas?

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Re: [Release] Improved Smilies System

I Have A Great Problem Using This!
I am using PunBB 1.3.4 and Using The Given Version (in This Topic) Smilies Extension.
I added Some Chosen Smilies of mine. But They Weren't 15*15! What I Knew That The Extension Should Automatically Render The Size. But All are looking at 15*15 Pixel.
But I have to make Custom Size for each smilies! What Is The Way Would U Please Kindly Tell Me.

My Current Smiley Set:
What Should I Do?