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Topic: [PHP] Make an IndexOf file!

Sometime your web directory miss index file, and then the web server will automatically create a Index Of file to list all files and folders in this directory.

It'll be useful if you wanna share something and let anyone download what they one. Simply upload the file, and then the server will list them.

But if you want to add some message, like 'This is a sharing folder of Your Name', etc, you can't.

If you wanna do that, you can use the IndexOf code, download at http://thuankkk.summerhost.info/indexof.zip. Have a look at my demo http://thuankkk.summerhost.info/ smile

To use, extract file indexof.zip, and upload file index.php to your web directory. Remember to delete all other index file (index.***, default.***).

Enjoy it!