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Hi, I would like to appoint some mods to my forum but the current mod powers are too much.. as much as the Admin himself almost infact. Is there a way to curtail some of the mod rights like editing/deleting Admin posts, the ability to delete and move threads etc ?


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You could do this in 1.3, however you will have to modify the code and remove/change IF the forum user is mod, then delete what you would rather not them have to use. It wouldn't be too hard, and wouldn't take much time when you know what your looking for.

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Thanks could you tell me what I'm looking for and how to change three things.

The ability to delete/move entire threads,
The ability to edit/delete admin's posts
The ability to stick/unstick topics

Code would be great.


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Anyone ??


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Anyone ????

I would really appreciate some help with this !

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Bump ? Help still needed, would appreciate !

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The files you will need is viewpost.php and modarate.php.

You will need to look for where the code code the items you posted above are set, and in most cases remove the mod setting the the if statment.

Sorry. Unactive due to personal life.