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I really need to use about 40 categories, however, I discovered that a high number of categories slows down index page load time dramatically on IE. It's fine on Firefox, Opera and Safari. The same number of forums on the index page has no affect on speed, just categories. Does anyone know why, or if it's fixable?


Re: Index page load speed very slow on IE only

With I.E, it could be anything. What version(s)? There should not be a noticeable difference as such between rendering categories and forums. What mods do you have installed?

Re: Index page load speed very slow on IE only

Sub forums, reputation, RSS, google sitemap, punrewrite and alphabetical topics. I discovered the problem after installing expand/collapse categories and I thought that the javascript for that mod was causing the issue. But I uninstalled it and the problem was still there. The more categories, the slower the index page load. It does it on IE6 and IE7. No problem on other browsers. I removed the RSS links on the categories and it helped a little, but still way to slow. I replaced the 40 categories with 40 forums and it's fine.

Re: Index page load speed very slow on IE only

Hi Alexander, 
I see you got punrewrite installed finally ... ;^) ...

Some suggestions...
1) You could try downloading the "Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar" to help you inspect things a bit. 
2) Install Live HTTP Headers for Firefox and inspect the live headers.  In order to best understand what it may should be doing you would do well to have a virgin PunBB installation into a separate directory where you can view 'normal' live headers behavior, and then make comparisons.

See if you can disable punrewrite for comparative testing.  If you have a backup of the pages from before you updated your package, you could install that to a separate directory ... I wouldn't worry about the database (at this juncture).  If you cannot do this, ask the person who implemented punrewrite for you (assuming it wasn't you).

Just some thoughts.  Good luck.

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Re: Index page load speed very slow on IE only

I installed Punrewrite, However I highly dout that its causing the problem. Two reasons. Firstly becuase All it is a simple function, Just like any other Function that PunBB uses. Secondly that it worked fine once rewrite was installed, and before the JS was added.

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Re: Index page load speed very slow on IE only

Hey Matt,

The problem may have been there before the JS and punrewrite. I never had that number of categories before. I ran a virgin 1.2.21 with all 40 and there was no problem. It's either from a mod or perhaps my website header/footer install. I'm back tracking. The iconized cat mod is a good idea, but I haven't given up on this route yet.

If I don't get it today we'll move on.