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Topic: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

Available for download from Quirm.net.

This is the beta release for the improved Akismet extension, based on code by Garciat.

Settings page now has in the Akismet section:

  • Enable Akismet

  • Akismet API Key

  • Ban period - How long Akismet will set the user ban for.

  • Member Min. Posts - Minimum amount of posts a member must have before they are not checked by Akismet

New page under management to handle posts marked as spam - Akismet (wot else!).
This page features a basic spam/ham count.

All spam is listed on one page, and via the select boxes you can delete them, or set them as ham.

One small and minor bug on this page: Deleting Topic starter posts in the list have the unfortunate side effect of deleting the entire topic - hough that may not be such a bad thing.

Individual posts can be marked as spam, or not spam by moderators and admin.

Posts you mark as spam are sent to akismet, and likewise posts marked as ham are also sent. This will go a long way to akismet getting better and better as time goes on.

The content of posts are hidden (possibly not on the search results page as yet - please let me know about that) for guests/members, but viewable with a warning for moderators/admin. I also disabled the reply link for posts marked as spam.

I think that's all! If you download it - remember it is beta and I would appreciate feedback on it - good and bad.

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Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

Good effort!

Just as general approach to basing extension on someone elses who's not keen to add every feature;

Shouldn't one then call it something like Aksimet Enhanced or the other one Aksimet Basic. (Keeping both)

I can imagine this kind of thing can occur on other extensions aswell. (I might not want to add a specific feature, but will maybe later add features again, not minding that someone else produces another one with even more features)

Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

It's ok, I don't really care. The code is there for the community to use it in any way they want.

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Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

Ok cool. Just maybe ext devs should put in their extension post that
a.  they don't mind it being modified
b. either want to keep the name and version no's
c. are completely giving up support (which I doubt in your case?)

Bit of a difference... Just as a general remark/approach. Technically under GPL I can obviously do what I want. But giving something 2.0 name presumes that no more mods will EVER be made by original ext dev.

PS: I as someone who wants wide choice am happy that Rich is enhancing it....

Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

I actually stop supporting my extensions as soon as no one's having problems with them... as in, I won't release a new version just because I want to, but because someone found a bug or requested a must-have feature.

Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

For most plugins I've adapted from others then I do rename them. However this one is a special case - Akismet is well known in some communities and I thought it better to keep the name.

Upping the version number to 2 also means that version 1 can have minor releases without any conflict issues. Also, and as Garciat has mentioned, I'd checked first smile

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Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

I've taken this extension out of beta as there have been no bug reports.

I've also managed to get a link on here :

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Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

I some modified you manfest.xml for install on Postgresql-system.

In some place you use double quotes for values- in postgres it's mistake (double quotes use to select fields), and in  "vt_qr_get_posts, mr_post_actions_qr_get_posts" hooks was been incorrect select (dot before table name, for what?)

Corrected file

Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

I couldn't get your file correctly, but I have released a new version that I think fixes everything you brought up - thanks.

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Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0


'not enabled' => 'enable',   <---- Is this OK?
'enabled' => 'enabled',
'disable' => 'Disable?',
'enable' => 'Enable now?',

I'm using PunBB at Forex Forum since 2006.

Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

LOL does look a bit weird doesn't it.

I'll check through those at some point - but that bit is correct.

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Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

Thanks for working on this plugin! I'm currently testing Akismet extension v1.1 but it seems a bit flakey (incorrectly banning users, not banning spam posts) so I'm very happy there is a new version in active development.

Is the v 2.1 download here the latest version : http://quirm.net/download/42/ ?

Also, can you please provide install/upgrade instructions?


Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

that will be the current version - install as you would any other extension.

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Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

I'm having issues with v2.1 banning legitimate users who use HTML in their posts. Users tend to get very upset when they are wrongly banned smile Is there any way to tweak the ban logic?

Also, is there a way to see a list of the banned posts? That would be very useful to determine if someone should be unbanned.


Re: [extension release] Akismet 2.0

I've checked the extension whether is still compatible with 1.4.1 and since it is, I've just made few small changes and here's the "new" version.

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