Topic: Our website

Hi all

We have fine-tuned our lesbian dating site (yes we are girls) with a nice punbb forum integration.

main site http://www.girlslovegirls.net/
forum: http://www.girlslovegirls.net/forum/

what do you think?
all comments are welcome

thank you
bye bye

Re: Our website

Integration works well, visually. Well done.

The pages sometimes seem to load a bit slowly and 'jerkily' due to the CSS container you have around the forum style, perhaps. Placing the google-analytics javascript at the bottom of the page code (as recommended) rather than at the top may also improve apparent rendering speed.

Lots of very cute forum members too. Yum!

However I notice several users are 'borrowing' other people's identities with their user profile pics - ie there are some images against people's profiles that I recognise from chans, jj.am etc. Funny.