Topic: [bug/solution?] moderators can ban themselves using users.php


I found out, that moderators can ban themselves (and other moderators too). It shouldn't happen.
You can do this through Administration  » Users  » Searches.

Only admins can ban, change group and delete ALL users. All moderators can see "select" part, but only those with ban permission will see any buttons - one button exactly wink
So, in my opinion all "select" part should be available only for admins. Moderators with ban permission can do their job accessing each profile separately and don't need any mass-ban option.

1. Make "select" parta available only for admins (including all follow actions)
2. Make it available for admins and mods with ban permission only, and protect moderators from ban themselves.

What do you think?

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Re: [bug/solution?] moderators can ban themselves using users.php

I think it's not a critical bug.

If users ask, we'll add the protection of moderators from ban themselves.

Any opinions?