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First of all thanks for the project, I hope to be contributing as much as possible.

I want to add to an existing website, which uses the membership provider as a login system. Is there a posibiltiy to bet to share the same membership system?


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Thanks for your support of PunBB.NET!
Yes, theoretically it's possible to accomplish what you are talking about. But it  may not be easy. We are ready to help you, to provide information you need.

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So where do we go from here, i'm ready to do it, and you ready to help, what's next ;-)

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We need exactly the same thing, we have already an application with membership database (about 60000 users)
and we would like to add PunBB.Net and make it to use our membership database.
What if we just replace its Users table with our membership table and of course correct some code in the PunMembershipProvider.cs file?

Thanks for your work!


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Ok, seems its not so hard,
- I've placed the PunBB.NET in my app subfolder
- changed links to master pages and links in sitemap's files
- merged web.config's
- set the default membership provider in web.config to my app membership provider

Now when I login in my app login form, - I can enter the forum and it recognizes me as already logged in user.
I can even create topics, but they are not shown in the topics list, probably because of they are stored in the database without UserId, which has a different type in the base membership table (uniqueidentifier vs varchar(200)).
But this should not be a big problem to fix it.