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Topic: Disable secure cookies in forum

We own a vldpersonals script and have integrated a 1.3.2 forum.
The forum works fine except that members have problems to login.
This is the message they recive:

"You appear to have logged in successfully, however a cookie has not been set. Please check your settings and if applicable, enable cookies for this website."

I´ve managed to after 2 days work being able to login to the forum, but the problem still remains even though all members been asked to clear out cache and history and cookies.

We traced the problem to the cookiehandling and punbb is using secure cookies, wich we also have disabled.
We now need to remove cookies permanent.

Where and how can that be done?
(Or if the problem is known wich you could reveal here instead)

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Re: Disable secure cookies in forum

Do you have common authorization at forum and vldpersonals?
Also this problem can be related with the timezone setting of the client machine. Try offering the user to check the "Remember me" option on the login page.


Re: Disable secure cookies in forum

I had the same problem with the entrance to the forum in the Opera browser.

Adjusted for cgmod cashe. From 755 to 777. And work.

Re: Disable secure cookies in forum

Could you give us more details how you have solved the problem, please?


Re: Disable secure cookies in forum

With the emergence of problems got in the root folder of the site (where are all the files) and set the right CHMOD:
At catalog cashe 777.
For all catalog (folders) 755 (standard).


С появлением проблемы залез в корневую папку сайта (где лежат все файлы) и установил права CHMOD:
На каталог cache 777.
На все остальные каталоги (папки) 755 (стандарт).

Файлы не трогал.


Re: Disable secure cookies in forum

I think the error occurs in those who wrongly put chmod.

Думаю ошибка возникает у тех, кто неправильно поставил chmod.