Topic: Verify new e-mail address

(I?m not running PUN myself for the moment so I?m not 100% sure that this feature is missing or not implemented in someway, if it?s there I apologise.)

Then a registered user changes his or her e-mail address measure should be taken to verify that it?s a correct and working address. For example the way it works in vB. Another, and maybe easier way - store the old address (address used for registration) and make it visible to moderators/admin.

In English to make Kennel happy ;)

Re: Verify new e-mail address

Oooh, excellent. I believe this is the second english post in here :-)

To answer you question this "feature" is already implemented. If "Validate registrations" is enabled a user must confirm a new e-mail adress by clicking an activation link (that includes an activation password) that is sent to the new e-mail adress.

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