Topic: GoDaddy Hosting Issues (Permissions/Trust/Settings)

Greetings Everyone,

Can you assist me with the error found here?

I'm told I need to reset my trust levels through the application files...

Where do I do this, How do I do this, what do I put in?

I hope someone can help me...

I'm using the PunBB.NET application found on

Re: GoDaddy Hosting Issues (Permissions/Trust/Settings)

May be it's the written issue ... try to go to config folder or something and allow read and Write permission.

Hope this helps

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Read and write permissions are set to the "allowed" state.

It's --- By default any application built off the framework is set to full access mode. Where as most hosting companies are set to medium to high.

This is more of a development issue.

You guys may need to make this compatible with medium trust shared servers...

Re: GoDaddy Hosting Issues (Permissions/Trust/Settings)

With go Daddy web hosting ... only read permission is set on the root folder ... you need to use the control panel and add write permission for configuration data (sub-folder) ... I think I saw this error on GoDaddy Shared Host before.

Re: GoDaddy Hosting Issues (Permissions/Trust/Settings)


Thanks for your input Scripted - I had set write permissions to all the folders in the directory.

It's a dot.Net thing again... Support confirmed it, applications with full or high trust parameters set will not run on GoDaddy servers. They don't see it "being change" in the near feature even... Apparently when developers write applications on those levels it creates a loop hole within the framework to allow malicious code... No one wants another virus driven site....

It's all good... I switched to the PHP version...

Re: GoDaddy Hosting Issues (Permissions/Trust/Settings)

Excellent ... it's good to know ... thanks Erik ...

Re: GoDaddy Hosting Issues (Permissions/Trust/Settings)

I've got hosting on and had a similar trust issue.  I was able to work around the issue by enabling remote access of my site's MySQL server, and running the install from my local machine in VS2008.  After the install was complete, I copied all modified files to my hosted account and everything works great!

Since Godaddy won't allow remote DB access (AFAIK), you can run the install locally on a local DB, then just edit web.config to point to the correct DB, and copy the local DB to the remote DB.

I hope this helps.