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I have to say that installing this program has been a real pleasure.  It is simple, straight forward, and works.  bbpress on the other hand just has a lot to work on, but I do give them credit for all their hard work.  It works, but not so well in IE8.

IF I had the time to customize the look of the forums for my site I would probably keep these forums on them.  So what does this mean.. Yes, since I don't have the time to dig into the code make changes that updates will break unless I remember to do them over again.. well you get the idea.

What I am here for is this.  PLEASE find a way to LIMIT the addition of images to posts that come from an external url like photobucket.  Generate the image in the post at a SIZE I choose in the admin panel and have it so that when a person click on the image it gets larger using the HIGHSLIDE script even IF and this is a biggie.. EVEN IF people already have highslide installed for their main site.  Now since most people want to have the forums look like their site it is important that HIGHSLIDE work from within the wrapper alone or get its information from the header of the main template.  DO THIS and I will come back and use this script.. It offers everything you want SIMPLY... except of course for the image thing which I can't understand why other forums have not chosen to do this already.. OH and it needs to work on wordpress.. LOL.. no I don't want much..

Great job to everyone on the team.  I wish I could use it.  I just don't have the time to cut the program apart and redo it again after an update.

I really mean it... GREAT JOB!

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Pic related.

Pls define your problem more clearly.

Re: bbpress should learn something

I am going to incorporate this into my site so that it looks like my site.  So no problem there.  I just wish that highslide would work with these forums.  My site is image intensive and most people upload at 1024 or 800 still too large for my forums width.

What I want to do is have it so that when someone links to a photobucket image in their thread, that in the admin console I can determine how that image should show up ( size ) and when someone clicks on it, highslide should open it as highslide does.  What I find most of the time is that highslide does not work within wrappers. 

Since I am going to install this in wordpress and it is going to become a page so to speak it just might work based on this article I just read.  I am hoping this works for wp2.8 and the latest release of punbb. … wordpress/

On a side note.  I see one of the main developers left the team.  This is scary.  I find in most cases that we ( the people ) find something we like only to install it on our site and be left in the lurch by a team of people that can't get along ( or go there seperate ways ) open source at its best.

I just want to know that maybe for the next year I am going to still be able to come back to the punbb site and get support for an ongoing project and not have to find another solution.  That would be nice.

I really like punbb.. Just hope it does what I need it too.

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