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Stevenbullen, it didnt work either. could it be something with the style?

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I have sent you a PM.

In what way did it not work? I have tested this on fresh PunBB and it works fine. wink

Style has nothing to do with what your requesting.


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it didnt change anything...

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Yes it did. tongue

Plus now got to the bottom of why no one could help you. this is the code you have for the menu... it is not produced by PunBB.

<p style="text-align: right; padding-right: 20px; padding-top: 5px;"><a href="index.php">Index</a> &nbsp;&nbsp; // &nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="userlist.php">Brukerliste</a> &nbsp;&nbsp; // &nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="search.php">Søk</a> &nbsp;&nbsp;// &nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="bank.php">Bank</a> &nbsp;&nbsp; // &nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="donate.php">Donér</a> &nbsp;&nbsp; // &nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="lottery.php">Lotteri</a> &nbsp;&nbsp; </p>

So I would advise going to who created your site and finding where the above code is stored.

Plus I would not change back any of my recommended changes because it fixes links on certain pages in your site.


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hehe thanks smile


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KeyDog wrote:

// Stuff for the navigator (top of every page)
'Index'                        =>    'Home',
'User list'                    =>    'User list',
'Rules'                        =>  'Rules',
'Search'                    =>  'Search',
'Register'                    =>  'Register',
'register'                    =>    'register',

I just changed mine in /lang/english/common.php and it showed immediately...
You say you can't do that?


cheers worked for me smile

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