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Topic: Small permissions bug

If a forum has  absolutely no permissions to post topics or replies (could be an announcement forum where only the administrator is allowed to post) then for guests there is still shown 'You must login or register to post/reply'.
It should be 'Sorry! no permission to post/reply'.

I tried to fix it my modifying the following in viewforum.php (and also in viewtopic.php with ' && $cur_forum['post_replies']'):

else if ($forum_user['is_guest'])
    $forum_page['page_post']['posting'] = ...


else if ($forum_user['is_guest'] && $cur_forum['post_topics'])
    $forum_page['page_post']['posting'] = ...

Hope I made no mistake.

BTW, could you add the attribute autocomplete="off" to the captcha input field in the AntiSpam extension?

Re: Small permissions bug

We'll see what we can do with permissions.

Using 'autocomplete="off"' will break page validation (all pages here are XHTML 1.0 Strict).

Re: Small permissions bug

We dont known have user permission for post or create topic or not when it not logged.