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Hi ,

I noticed some topics on my forums having empty pages, an example being this one:

The first two pages are ok, but the third one is empty.

I tried looking in the admin tools, but didn't find anything that may be helpful. Can you please tell me what causes this, and how can I 'clean' the forums?

I am running version 1.2.19

Thank you

Re: Empty topic pages

What mods have you got installed?


Re: Empty topic pages

I identified 'Poki BB ChatBox' , but I'm not 100% sure it's the only one. I am not the person that set up the forum initially.

Re: Empty topic pages

In this example (http://datecraft.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=91&p=3), the topic contains 52 posts. The first page shows 25 posts. the second page shows 18. Please check the records in your database. Try to make a direct request from the database


Re: Empty topic pages

Ok, the information from the database is this:

- in the 'topics' table : topic 91 has 'num_replies' = 52
- in the 'posts' table: there are 53 records with 'topic_id' = 91.

So what should I do? Update all information in the 'topics' table with the count() from the posts table?

Re: Empty topic pages

Please, e-mail me the file "viewtopic.php". I'll see the code, perhaps there was an error after installing the mod.

e-mail: gordeus@gmail.com


Re: Empty topic pages

Message sent.

Thank you, I appreciate your help !


Re: Empty topic pages

Happy new year to everyone !

Any updates or suggestions for what I can do about this?