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Not too long ago we found some inefficient SQL queries in PunBB 1.3. A big amount of computer resources was required to execute some queries on big databases. So we decided to create a new svn branch with optimized queries. When all our changes will be justified, we will apply it to the PunBB 1.3 core. It will be great if you help us test these changes, and compare the performance with that of the main PunBB 1.3 branch.

SVN link

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Thanks Slavok

On a sidenote
Just installed the above experimental svn and then installed some exts to test
Notice: Undefined index: post_karma in /.../viewtopic.php(325) : eval()'d code on line 10
Notice: Undefined index: user_karma in /..../viewtopic.php(486) : eval()'d code on line 10

... I get the above error at the moment .... If I disable post_karma ext all works as it should...
(PS: as I don't have large database to test on, I can't give any hard data on speed...)

Edit: The username doesn't seem to be showing ... just blank space, then Administrator...

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RE: 2.  Ext related issue aswell
Colored usergroups - if I disable that the usernames show again....

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Slavok, there is a mistake in r1510. The second query runs twice.

Can you explain why you think the new queries (especially the one in r1511) will run faster? Do you have any SQL documentation that suggests such an approach?


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big_smile Good,Thank you!

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Any news here?

FluxBB team rewrite SQL-query for retriving posts in viewtopic.php and got 10x faster on big topics.
I ported his idea to my ext and it work good, except with ext that change post order in query. But i think one hook may help.

May be we should integrate this imporvents in core and release in 1.3.5? Yes, it break some very small part ext, but results will be good.

I known Slavok tested some things in 1.3-exp branches.

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This changes will be added, but not in 1.3.5. The 1.3.5 version will contain bug fixes and some minor features.