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esupergood wrote:

this would be great if you could make the description appear when a user mouseover the topic link. I don't want the description to take up any vertical space you see.

Can this be done?

http://kanekt-punbb.googlecode.com/file … _0.4.0.zip

Config Settings ->Features


Re: [Release] Topic description

New 0.5.0
http://kanekt-punbb.googlecode.com/file … _0.5.0.zip


Re: [Release] Topic description

thanks, but what's    N  E  W  ???

MORE  INFO !!! smile


Re: [Release] Topic description

Config Settings -> Features

3 variants show the description of the topic - at the request esupergood

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Re: [Release] Topic description

KeyDog wrote:

It just doesn't show the topic description. It looks like any other normal topic (without description)
I can enter the topic description but it doesn't show afterwards.
No errors are reported anywhere.


On a fresh install of PunBB 1.3.4, I have the same problem with new version 0.5.0. But there is no problem with revisions 0.3.0 and 0.4.0. The data are however well in 'topic_desc' of 'topics'

I did several tests with no other extensions installed.

EDIT: In fact, the extension works perfectly but there is a small error. It is simply a permutation of functions between "Show the description after topic" and "Show the description when a user mouseover the topic link"smile  smile

Re: [Release] Topic description

I was just going to post something like that,

"Show the description after topic" has the same effect as "Show the description when a user mouseover the topic link"

Re: [Release] Topic description

can make for meta description too?  big_smile

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Re: [Release] Topic description

kemangi wrote:

can make for meta description too?  big_smile

That sounds very good. I don't really care about a thread description but the idea of that text being used for meta description is very appealing. Also if meta keywords could be manually entered I would really make use of it. Because I use my forum instead of a cms.

Why have a page where people can comments when you can have a forum post and people can not only comment but do so much more. Engage the user on the website wink

Anyway, I talk too much but I would really like to see manual meta description and keywords.