Topic: My Tale of the Epic Battle of the MySQL Databases.

'Low and behold! I am here to tell you about my story of MySQL databases. Once upon a time there was a noble warrior, however noble he was - he was also foolhardy. This warrior used to run a small kingdom, obtaining 700 posts a day. His kingdoms messenger system was run by a third party, one he did not entirely like. So, he set out to install his messenger system into his kingdom. His fellow warrior, an archer by the name of Ed agreed with him! So did their subjects! It was a good time for the kingdom and they prospered.

After the plans had been made this noble warrior was tasked with setting up this new messenger system! Alas, as I have already stated this warrior was foolhardy, he set up a MySQL database and did not upload the system onto his kingdom, however he attempted to install the database into his kingdom. (No idea how I tried to do this. sad)

He went to a mighty mage for help! A tech guy, if you will... The tech guy did his bidding, installing the messenger system into his kingdom. However the site died blah, blah blah. D: <

Anyways, I've started my new site and my mighty mage won't help me saying that my projects never work... So, I've decided to use PunBB this time and actually know what I'm doing this time.. (kinda...) I get to the installing page (which is alot easier on PunBB then other boards,) and when it comes to the MySQL database I try and try and try... but fail. So, can anyone give me some direct help and steps for installing the forum.

PS. This didn't go in the PunBB forum support because it's my own foolhardiness and not the fault of the forum itself.


Re: My Tale of the Epic Battle of the MySQL Databases.

Dear, King iDaichi!
I hope this link will help your kingdom

Re: My Tale of the Epic Battle of the MySQL Databases.

Alas, my noble friend! I know how to install it and I achieved the installation page, but I'm not sure what to put in the MySQL database section. I put in the username and password I set the MySQL database up with yet... it does not work! sad

Re: My Tale of the Epic Battle of the MySQL Databases.

1. go to the hosts section where you setup mysql database
2. make a screenshot , print screen (A) of what you entered (if password is just stars, put it in a text file (for copy pasting into your punbb installation page later)
3. go to punbb installation page again and enter what you think is correct
4. make a screenshot, print screen (B)
5. if still doesn't work: upload A & B to a free image hoster and put the link in your next post