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Topic: Simple BitTorrent Tracker

Fancy Tracker add simple tracker for your forum.

PunBB 1.3
Need any jquery-1.3-provided extensions for work — for example this http://forum.lluga.net/jquery.tar.gz
fancy_tracker.tar.gz — версия 0.8.18

PunBB 1.4
fancy_tracker - version 0.9.28.zip


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After install go to  Administration » Start » Forums » Edit forum and set forum mode for selected forum.

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Great work. Just I am getting stuck with the Jquery
I've installed YonasH extension  Jquery (http://rapidshare.com/files/190370698/j … 3.zip.html)
but when I want to install your extension it says

Forum message
This extension cannot be installed unless "jquery" is installed and enabled

I don't see any place that jquery can be activated/enabled - it's either installed or not?....

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You already have jquery. Just install fancy_tracker.

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Installing fancy_tracker is the problem.
I have two forums with jquery installed and trying to install fancy_tracker isn't possible

Both times above forum message...

Which jquery extension are you using?

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Im using http://forum.lluga.net/jquery.tar.gz but fancy_tracker will work with any extension provided jquery 1.3.  Maybe work and with jquery 1.2.

What error message you got?

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OK your jquery extension lets me install fancy_tracker....
So problem solved...

dimkalinux wrote:

What error message you got?

KeyDog wrote:

Forum message
This extension cannot be installed unless "jquery" is installed and enabled

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Yonash jquery extension doesnt report to forum that it provided jquery. It`s bug.


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ok thx

btw: can you explain when retracker, scrape are used? and when is it not good idea to submit IP address?

Settings / Features :

Allow submit IP
Allow Tracker submit user IP-address.

Add retracker.local to announce list.

Use scrape interface. Disable if you are experiencing high server load.

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Scrape is extensions for bittorent protocol. More information on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracker_scrape
Its no important, tracker still good work wihout it. It can make big server load if u have more torrents > 1000, in current development state i not make cache for scrape.

Retracker.local is only Russian features. It add second tracker in torrent file, only utorrent and transmission > 1.8 work with more than 1 trackers. It required server-side scripts. Dont enabled it unless u know what u doing.

Allow submit IP - i dont test yet without it. Just turn it on.


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ok thanks for the info

btw. is it correct that only logged in users can download or see the torrents?

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By default - yes, but u can change this in Administration - Groups.


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ah yes big_smile very nice


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version 0.8.19
- fix small error in announcer (invalid length info_hash 38, must be 40)
- small correct in lang-files


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Version 0.8.21 with fixing errors founded in 0.8.18-0.8.20

fancy_tracker.tar.gz — version 0.8.21

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Please where i can see a DEMO?
but the torrent file must add manually?

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My torrent-forums hide from world an work only in big local net out provider. - that why i cant show u demo - only in screenshot.

Yes, u need create torrent-file in you favorite torrent-client and add this file in new topic. U dont need specify tracker url, becouse forum do it automatically. After create new topic with torrent — u must download torrent file from forum and add it to your bittorent-client for start seeding.


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One thing I notice when I add a torrent;
the file name = topic name when downloading....

Would it not be better to keep the file's name instead of topic?
or do you always give the torrent topics the exact file name?

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I think that filename from Topics subject is more informative than just name of torrent. But i can make this configurable - in the next release, in monday.


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maybe it's better the way you did it, as the search engines (and users) are more likely to find the torrent topic.

I also noticed some sites put the name of the site in the torrent name automatically. But the way you've done it gives most freedom to uploader...


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When I add a torrent, it takes my url as the tracker
that's good, but how do I keep the other trackers information, so that if my seed is offline it still searches other trackers for seeds?
People normally have 5-10 trackers in the torrent file right?

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No, normaly use 1 tracker. Becouse mostly bittorent-client use only first tracker url or random url. Exception uTorrent and last version Transmission (1.8). It`s not tracker problem that u cant seed. And still exists method to find other seeds — DHT.

But i can optionally add ability to add other open, not private trackers. In new version. But maybe is not good idea ad trackers where current torrent file not register. Need think and read spec.


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Ok. This is what I've tried:

That's how I created torrent in transmission 1.795

And it says Seed: 1   

So all well up to that point.

Then I upload to my site via your extension and I try and download from another pc. However I see
Seed: 0  Leech: 1

Then I look at Trackers on 2nd PC and see that only
is listed


1. Would the problem be solved if your extension left the other tracker in the tracker info of the torrent? Or what do you think has happened?

EDIT: It seems as soon as I upload the working torrent to my site, it gets different hash and then gives error "bad data from tracker - bad bencoded date"

The working torrent seed has different hash than the one I download from my site... what am I forgetting?

EDIT 2: Now I've added the correct hash torrent to my post as attachment, then downloaded it, I was able to download (i.e. the seed works),
simple bittorrent tracker gives my working torrent a new hash, which screws it up of course...

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Just added more trackers in torrent - bad idea. Becouse u need upload your torrent file to this trackers, ok, not for all but for many of trackers. its may work only in a case of use anonymous trackers without registration and ratio system. May work... but its not standard way and u have more problems becouse user that uses not utorrent or not transmission 1.8 will have problems with peers - becouse all other clients not working with more than 1 trackers. They work but in different way, it use only one tracker and this tracker may not have peers/seeds for your torrent. Thats why this working today. Exception - utorrent and transmission 1.8 - it breaks specification but work good with more than 1 trackers.

And always use lattest version of Simple Bittorent - now it 0.8.21