Topic: Boonex scam has ripped me off!

I would like to help other webmasters not to make the mistakes I have made and not to use Boonex Dolphin scam script. The core is unstable. Ray components DO NOT WORK PROPERLY in its later releases. If you need IM or the ability to see who's online, forget it. It IS NOT compatible with Mac's newer browsers. Even simple problems that should have been sloughed off in the first round of any sort of decent testing exist, including: sloppy and lazy css, ridiculously inconsistent (often unusable) language settings, lazy administrative display settings. It is completely unscalable; you cannot grow with Boonex Dolphin.

If you do go with Dolphin, be warned it is not free. You must pay licensing fees to remove their ads. There is NO support; there is NO documentation. The user forums are filled with unhelpful and unknowledgeable 'regulars', who often spend their time belittling users. Boonex allows them to continue on the site and abuse and their PAYING clients over and over and over again. You'll eventually stop trying to get anything off of the Boonex site, unless you enjoy frustration and being spoken to as though you're an idiot.

I had an actual Boonex representative try to assist me once (which was miraculous to say the least), he was so clearly unqualified, I had to deny him access to my administration.

If you require a module add-on, be prepared to pay for the mod, AND to have to pay to have your site fixed after any of a number of "professionals" install your module (Expertzzz are NOT expertzzz). Dolphin is home to the worst, most unprofessional coders I've ever had the displeasure to work with. Not one has been professional or provided a fully-functional product that did not disrupt the site. Also know that many mod "coders" (I use that term loosely) encrypt their modules. You will not know what these people have on your server and I warn you that many of them are shady at best. Exercise great caution.

In my opinion, Boonex should just do the world a big favour and close its operation. They can't get what they have now working, yet continue to develop and develop and develop. A professional project would NEVER continue to "enhance" it's core when the core doesn't work to begin with. Yet, in their world, it seems to be common sense. In the real world, running a project like that would be considered lazy, impetuous, unprofessional, laughable.

I run a large site and Dolphin was a big, big mistake that I now have to correct. I hope you learn from what I've learned. Try to google boonex scam: Google boonex scam: or boonex dolphin scam

Re: Boonex scam has ripped me off!

Thanks for the heads up on Boonex. I think this is a great forum. I'm new to the forum world. I had no idea what a huge world the forum world is.....