Topic: PunBB for PHP v4.0.0?


Are there any older versions or anything of PunBB that will work with PHP v4.0.0? The reason I ask is that I am using a free hosting service and thus I can't upgrade the version of PHP.

I really like PunBB but I can't use it cuz of this problem! I suppose I'll have to use phpBB instead if there are no other versions available...

Re: PunBB for PHP v4.0.0?

Yes, I believe you will have to. You could make PunBB work with older versions of PHP, but it would require quite a bit of "hacking".

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Re: PunBB for PHP v4.0.0?

Hmm I don't know php so that will be a no-go I guess.

Thanks for the help anyway! I'm considering paying for some webspace that does have a newer version of PHP so I can use Pun. smile