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Topic: [Release] Fancy JQuery

Its another ext provided javascript library JQuery + addon modules

List of js-modules in lib

  • jquery-1.6.2.js

  • jquery.fancybox.js

  • jquery.form.js

  • jquery.easing.js

  • jquery.timers-1.2.js

  • jquery.cookie.js

  • jquery.mousewheel.js

  • jquery.fader.js

  • jquery.hotkeys.js

  • underscore.js

  • common.js

  • forum.utils.js

Whats new in this ext

  • full automatic process of compile and compressing all js-modules in 1 file

  • lib include forum default common.js, and automatic disable built-in, that disable 1 http-request in server

  • added jquery.fancybox

How use it in own ext


If you use fancy_js_cache - update it to version 1.1. Previus version fancy_js_cache bad working with some css files.

Production version — fancy_jquery.zip — 1.9.4

Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

Version 1.5.1

  • updated jquery to version 1.4.4

Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery


any idea why this extension
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … n-slimbox/

wouldn't work with your extension?

I changed dependency to jquery instead of jquery_y, but still doesn't seem to auto insert the slimbox...

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Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

Im tiny fixed slimbox manifest http://pastebin.com/tKCR0DXC

Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

Great solved. Thanks!

Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

What this ext (slimbox) do it?

Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

If you insert a image that is larger than width of post, it will make the image smaller in post and expand to full size when user clicks it...

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Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

hi.. added the ext. with such code in manifest.xml

    **ADDED     <dependencies>
        **ADDED     <dependency>jquery<dependency>
        **ADDED     </dependencies>

        **CHANGED <minversion>1.3dev</minversion> ----- > <minversion>1.3</minversion>

It is being installed now, but when i tried to use this with this ext.. it is not working / showing anything..
is it because of the error changes that i made or it is the ext itself where i should check with the developer ?


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Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

after installing Fancy jQuery on my forum, all Google Ads i have running there are no longer displayed. (They are using javascript) Deactivating Fancy jQuery and they are working. Can you please take a look at it why ?

Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

Yes, im uploading fix right now.

Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

Try this version — http://forum.iteam.ua/fancy_jquery_1.6.7.tar.gz

Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

Great, Thanks , working fine !

Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

Version 1.7.0

  • updated jquery to version 1.5.2

  • fixed error with non-working some internet counters

Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

Version 1.9.4

jQuery updated to 1.6.2

Production version — fancy_jquery.zip — 1.9.4

Re: [Release] Fancy JQuery

For PunBB 1.4 please use Fancy jQuery Addons.