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Topic: [Beta Release] OxygenMobile

Started to make some small modifications on Oxygen to make it viewable on mobile devices.

What it does right now:

- Page scaled
- Big touch surfaces with js

- Page scaled
- Big touch surfaces with js

- Page scaled

Works great together with MobileSwitch extension

OxygenMobile Download

Feel free to give ideas or pointers.

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i will try it
nice work!

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Re: [Beta Release] OxygenMobile

The same as with my extension, I will keep this style maintained as well purely based of interest from other forum managers. If you want this style maintained then please "watch" the git repository on Github as long as you are using it.

This will keep me motivated to continue to work on it and keep it in a state where it is easy to understand and use by others (otherwise I won't be bothered to keep PunBB release quality on it).


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Hi Loa,

This looks interesting.

I take it that I upload


in a directory called OxygenMobile in the style folder but where should I upload the following files?


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Thanks alot for this. Works perfect together with mobileswitch extension!

The only problem i got is that "active topics" is still there as an option, but when you click it from your mobile its not optimized so it looks abit weird.

Would this be easy to optimize for mobiles aswell?

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I know this is old but I've got some people asking about a mobile thing so I wanted to try this out and sice we're still on 1.3.4 it should work.

I DLd the 3 files, created a dir in 'extensions' and put them there but when looking at the extensions I wanna install I only get this from this perticular one.

IMPORTANT! The extensions listed below were found in the extensions folder but are not available for install or upgrade because the errors displayed below were detected.
Loading of extension "mobileswitch" failed.

Root element engine attribute is malformed or missing. Element extension/id is malformed or missing. Element extension/id does not match the extension folder name. Element extension/title is malformed or missing. Element extension/version is malformed or missing. Element extension/description is malformed or missing. Element extension/author is malformed or missing. Element extension/minversion is malformed or missing. Element extension/maxtestedon is malformed or missing.

What I'm I doing wrong?
I've done this plenty of time but now it just won't work.

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no one?


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Update into 1.4, and download KT Mobile.

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K, I'm about to

btw, check this: http://punbb.informer.com/forums/post/146660/#p146660


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does it work on 1.4 also?


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Use this:
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … obile-v09/


Re: [Beta Release] OxygenMobile

КT-Mobile is the best choice!