Topic: FLUBBB 1.2.21 ---> PUNBB 1.3.5

Hi all

I have a forum, running on FLUXBB 1.2.21 http://www.landenmeadows.net
I have implemented a lot of mods, probably around 8-10, so all updates to date have been done manually using HDIFF files.

Is it feasible to change to PunBB 1.3.5 ? Could this process be automated without doing damage to the database of the forum setup as it looks now ?
If it were a manual change to the code, would it be done with an HDIFF ?

I had originally changed to FLUXBB when the fork happened but now regret the decision and wish to catch up with PUNBB’s latest version.

Landen Meadows Residents Forum - http://www.landenmeadows.net

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Re: FLUBBB 1.2.21 ---> PUNBB 1.3.5

axa, is not simple.

1) You lost all your mods.
2) You need a separate place for experiments.
3) Make backup DB and htdocs.
4) Make backup DB and htdocs twice.
5) Please, read this manual http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb13/installation