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Topic: 1.3.5 extern.php behavior changed

From 1.3.5 it lists topics by date created instead of date of last reply.

Re: 1.3.5 extern.php behavior changed

Alright, I took some time off to deal with this issue and I found that the order by was changed to thread posted date when it used to be the date of last post in a thread.


'ORDER BY'    => 't.posted DESC',


'ORDER BY'    => 't.last_post DESC',

and voila everything works like it was 1.3.4

Re: 1.3.5 extern.php behavior changed

Why it better?

Re: 1.3.5 extern.php behavior changed

It used to be like this. Showing latest posts (activity) is more useful as a html list, this way when somebody replies to a topic, thread moves to the top of the list and users who visit website's main page (and not forums) then they'll see that something has changed over there. (exactly as it is at the moment on http://punbb.informer.com/ under Recent Forums posts)

But since I saw that this fix now breaks the rss and other feed logic then I assume it would be better when there was an option to toggle between latest posts and latest topics created.

Re: 1.3.5 extern.php behavior changed

In 1.4 version added parameter sort — it control topics order in extern.php

https://github.com/punbb/punbb/commit/7 … 890ecd7795