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Topic: Login and cookies issue

Hello everyone,

i am going to reconstruct problem of some users and me:

1. I get logged in in punBB 1.3.5 forum, i check on "Stay logged in..."
2. I close window/tab where forum was
3. I open my forum in new window/tab
4. It appears like i am logged out, there is "Log In" link above in navigation
5. After clicking login, i get INSTANTLY logged in, without forms for Username and Password

So i supose there is a problem with cookie or someone has similar problem and solution? smile

Re: Login and cookies issue

1) Check cookie settings in browser.
2) Send link of your forum.

Re: Login and cookies issue

Hello dimkalinux,

i checked cookie settings in my browser - everything is fine smile the issue is not only with me, there are allready some number of users using diverse browsers

Here s the forum

Re: Login and cookies issue

Cant reproduce - login works.
Seems like cache issue, maybe proxy.

All works fine, except broken/missed css files from pun_tags ext.

Re: Login and cookies issue

Ok, after night i reproduce problem.
What extensions u use, what type of Database?

Re: Login and cookies issue

So here are information:
    MySQL Improved 5.0.45


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Re: Login and cookies issue

having the same issue on my forums

PunBB 1.3.5
Operating system: Linux
PHP: 5.3.6
Accelerator: N/A
MySQL Improved 5.0.92

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