Topic: Rock Hard Quarry - A teen forum board with PunBB 1.2.23

Yes, I'm one of those people who still use PunBB 1.2.*

I know that 1.2.* is soo 2006, but I'm not the only one enjoying this. big_smile

However, Rock Hard Quarry is a highly modded PunBB 1.2 which I had to code it myself with little to no knowledge with PHP and MySQL, but as time progressed... I was successful

Took me at least closely to 1 month in developing alone.
Mods such as:
- Forum Badges
- X User has been warned or reported or banned from this post.
- Sub-Forums
- Image Board Background (Showned when logged in, can be disabled)
- Upvotes
- Easy Custom Smilies
- Last topic in Index
and any other changes not mentioned above.

Most of the said mods from the PunBB Repository were removed or not even created, so I've had to start learning PHP and it served me well.

I do wish to update to 1.3 but due to the high modding, I cannot. sad


Remember, that board is targeted for teens (13+), since it's a  gaming community. tongue