Re: [Release] Logo in Header

Very nice and simple extension.

It would be great when you could add the option for positions "Left", "Middle" and "Right". Not everybody wants an image on the left side of the board. It's already busy at the left side: board title, board description, navigation, breadcrumbs, "logged in as..", etc…


Re: [Release] Logo in Header

Any update of how to use it like a banner to the right?


Re: [Release] Logo in Header

Hey, thanks a lot fot this extension. I will try out and see how this may work for my site.

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Re: [Release] Logo in Header

It works well.
One question I have is, how can I get rid of the border around the header image?. The colour of it is D3DAE1, but I cannot see it anywhere, to change it. Thank you.