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Topic: Chat problem

Hello and needs help. Well, I installed the chatbox http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=2689 this thread.
Then I used a bug with repairing your online users
( http://punbb.informer.com/forums/viewto … 379#p86379 ). Unfortunately, when writing a message but can not see the user's nickname as it should, for example:
Hello <noof123> 9:18

Not correct:
9:18 Hello

If someone is able to help me in this file specify the line you need to write it please write here.

Yours noof123

///Sorry my English ;f translator. But I hope you understood.


Re: Chat problem

This is really a nice little chat mod. I recently went through it's code and fixed many of the bugs mentioned in the AJAX Chat 1.2 thread on punres, e.g.:
*Some characters didn't display, e.g. + & etc. (had to use encodeURIComponent in javascript)
*Smilies didn't parse
*Fixed some queries
*Time now displayed in 24h format
*Fixed bug in style sheet (wrong comment character was used)

Just a pity the mod apparently uses up quite a bit of resources. Maybe I will update it later to make it more efficient.

My updated version can be downloaded here: modajaxchat-1.2.1.zip