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Topic: I just installed 1.3.5 in Simplified Chinese. Successful!

1, There are some problems to install as Simplified Chinese as default language. I first installed as English as default language, the login as admin and change to English. Then delete English in lang directory. Now it works.
2, There are some problems to edit the title of the topic in a forum. The search_words column word is too short for Chinese. It is varchar(20). 10 Chinese characters will fill it up and make an error.
I do not know how to change it. I go into the database and made a
Alter table search_words alter column word type varchar(100);
Now it works.  I do not know if any problem to change in database.
3, I am using FreeBSD 8.2 stable revision i386, Postgresql 9.1, php-5.2.7, lighttpd 1.3. Chevereto Upload script 1.91 to upload photos. The lighttpd is listening port 8180. I used firewall to forward port 80 to 8180. I think it is a secure site.

4, I have upgraded to 1.3.6. So far so good.

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Re: I just installed 1.3.5 in Simplified Chinese. Successful!


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