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Topic: Few questions, CSS and Redirect Page ~

Just wondering ~

     Would it make a difference in loading speed if you have two, three, or four separate CSS files than just having one huge CSS file? =3

EDIT: I also want to know where can I edit the "Redirect" page(that shows up after saving something). What file would it be?

Re: Few questions, CSS and Redirect Page ~

It probably wouldn't help, since the css file is minified anyway.

What about the redirect page do you want to edit?


Re: Few questions, CSS and Redirect Page ~

I got the vocab down though. But im wanting to edit the main panel/box whatever. Like maybe add some text and possibly an image too. Just completely revamp the thing ~

Re: Few questions, CSS and Redirect Page ~

If you just want to change the text/add an image, the easiest way is probably to just edit your language pack and modify the text.

If you're looking for something a little more robust you could write an extension to do it, but I would not suggest editing the actual punbb code.

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Re: Few questions, CSS and Redirect Page ~

There is a template file in /include/template called redirect.tpl. However I don't think it would be loading from style folder, if you copy one there ( but I may be wrong ). So You'll have to edit this global file.

What's more it's kinda hard to edit since there are only 2 lines of code. And putting anything after or before it, causes displaying it before or after main box.

So you'll have to build this from the beginning by including own files responsible for displaying header and rest of the text from lang files.

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