Topic: [REQUEST] Skin & Dutch Language pack

I couldn't find request category for 1.4.1 yet, so I try it this way. I just opened a forum and sort of need a Dutch language pack, since most of the users for my forum, can't speak (good) English.

Also I need a skin pack, with a image on the top, so I could edit it and put a image inside it. I used a Google add bar also.

Thanks a lot in advance. smile

Re: [REQUEST] Skin & Dutch Language pack

There's a dutch language pack for 1.3.x here. Try using that first, and then fill in what's missing if need be...

(I used a german 1.3 translation on a 1.4.1 board and haven't noticed anything missing except in the admin section)

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Re: [REQUEST] Skin & Dutch Language pack

When using a older version, I got PHP errors. I tried it multipley times, but somehow it didn't work. Thatswhy Im requesting atm. I will retry it another time tho, since you say it worked for you.

Any skins yet? smile

Re: [REQUEST] Skin & Dutch Language pack

It doesn't take too long to modify front-end.
If you do one file a day, you'll be done by mid January... especially if you take 1.3 version and copy paste the translations...

Re: [REQUEST] Skin & Dutch Language pack

Although I'm planning to create PunBB extensions, I'll try updating the current language pack. smile